Nike Shoes for Men

Thanks to the rise in fashion conscious men, notably those trying to emulate the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham, and dare I say, Russell Brand, a lot of the sportswear designers are expanding their ranges to included more smart casual shoes, they aren't trainers or running shoes, but they aren't dress shoes, so you wouldn't want to wear them to a wedding, funeral or christening!

However, these new shoes are designed for comfort and for practical use such as going to your local pub on a Saturday night. They are predominantly designed to be worn with jeans, however, they can (as long as the school doesn't have Draconian laws which make some of Dickens novels look like all sunshine and light) also double up as versatile school shoes as they come predominantly in black.

What is more surprising is with these newer shoe/trainer hybrids is that the logos and designs are far more subtle and as such don't scream out "Look! I'm wearing Nike!"

These types of shoes aren't really designed for any specific sport such as golf or tennis, but more for an everyday type wear making them versatile yet still durable. The cost of these shoes is comparatively low compared to other brands out there, however they are still of a quality which should see you getting a good 12 months out of them.

Something else Nike has embraced is the fact fewer men are committing the fashion travesty which is shorts, white socks pulled up to the knees and open toe sandals! This basically means that gents can now get stylish but durable beach wear that won't rip your feet to shreds and are easily cleaned to remove any sand, just remember to put sun cream on your feet otherwise walking will be absolute agony!

You will also find that with the new generation, dubbed Generation Snowflake, we have become a more socially inclusive and socially aware society, and as such, Nike along with Addidas and many other Sportswear providers have released limited edition sportswear to promote equality and understanding, from the 2016 Be True campaign, to the Stamp out Racism campaign.

The whole point of these campaigns isn't simply a marketing ploy it is to open the world of sports to anyone, regardless of ethnicity, sexuality, disability or gender.

Marking a huge step forward in the world of sports and also flexing their financial muscles with threats of dropping sponsorship if fans or players are abusive to players or other spectators. These campaigns for the most part have been successful across the board, though every so often you do get the occasional incident it is swiftly sorted out with a simple quiet word in the clubs ear.

Politics aside, Nike are going to great lengths to also get kids in to sport, especially with the rising rates of childhood obesity thanks in no small part to video games and convenience food and fast food.

Also, they are targeting the next generation with the implementation of their campaigns above, for teaching them young that it doesn't matter what colour you are, or whether you're in a wheelchair, sports and exercise are for everyone to enjoy and take part in to have a healthy and active lifestyle. Obviously the fact their sports gear looks good does also help!

If you are currently in a health drive, but are unsure as to which sports you will enjoy, we would recommend getting a pair of Nike everyday trainers, for these are a bit of a jack of all trades, and as such, are ideal for everything, and if you find yourself wanting to get into one sport in particular you can splash out on the specialist shoes such as running, golf or basketball.

If you are more inclined to go to the gym as oppose to braving the elements going for a run round the local reservoir in the freezing cold and rain then the classic Nike trainers are going to be your best option for you. Also there are plenty of other forms of exercise you can do in your trusty Nikes, such as Yoga or Pilates, which are ideal if you have to take it a little more easily.

Take a look at the Nike website and see the offerings that are available to you, as we can guarantee there will be a perfect pair just for you.

If you are still unsure about getting a pair of Nike shoes, nip into one of their stores and try a few pairs on to get a feel of how they feel for you, remember, no two pairs of shoes are the same, and as such each different design of shoe will be subtly different in shape, heel height and the toe width, and with any luck, you may also manage to grab them in the sale!

Getting out and about is important, especially in this age of instant gratification, where you could actually live your life completely without ever having to leave the front door, from online shopping to delivered pizzas, clothing delivered from online and so many TV channels there is always something to watch. So getting out and about and away from the house for a walk or jog is brilliant for the mind and soul, also the fresh air will do you the world of good! Why not grab your MP3 player, and go for a 20 minute stroll?

Well it would be a shame if your Nikes never saw the light of day after all! If you have kids and want to wear them out during the holidays, or even just do something that doesn't cost the world, why not go to a local beauty spot for a long walk or a kick about. Take a picnic and make an active day of it taking in all the wildlife, the scenery, and of course getting some of that oh so vital exercise, just don't forget the Nike trainers!