Nike Shoes

Nike shoes are of course some of the most sort after footwear in the world, and as such we have put together the following guide to their products if you are interested in learning more about both the company and the type and range of footwear available.

However, we shall first give you a little more information about the company itself, the way in which they operate and that should allow you to judge for yourself if they are the type of company that you will be interested in doing business with if you are seeking out new shoes of any type!

Please do read on for we just know you are going to be impressed by the number and variety of different products in the current Nike range. Being a Public listed and traded company and one that is fully listed on the New York Stock Exchange you will find every aspect of their operation top notch!

Shoes, apparel and accessories are what Nike are famed for both designing and manufacturing and having being founded way back on the 25th of January 1964 it is very fair to say they do have vast experienced in their marketplace.

One thing you may not be aware of is that Nike originally launched as Blue Ribbon Sports and it was in 1971 that they rebranded the entire company and operation as Nike Inc. It was Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight who were the founders of the company and whilst they do have subsidiaries around the world the headquarters of Nike is in Washington County, Oregon, United States

Worldwide income for Nike is enormous, and recent figures released show that income generated by Nike per year was US$30.601 billion, and the company has total assets of US$21.600 billion, as of a couple of years ago the number of employees Nike employed was 62,600!

Much like any other company in this market sector Nike do of course have several brand ambassadors and they do have a lot of sponsorship deals with well known athletes too. In fact, the very first professional athlete the employed to endorse their brand and company was Ilie Nastase, who you may or may not know was a very well known tennis player from Romania.

Another athlete employed to promote and also showcase the range of Nike products was Steve Prefontaine, who was best known for his long distance running abilities! In fact, at the company's headquarters you will still to this day find a building name after Steve.

In more recent years there have been many additional athletes and people employed to promote the Nike brand worldwide, and some of those people include Carl Lewis, Jackie Joyner-Kersee and of course Sebastian Coe.  The well known basketball player Michael Jordan was also a paid promoter of Nike as was Spike Lee.

As with any company the sheer size of Nike advertising and promoting their brand to a worldwide customer base is something they have fully mastered. But it wasn't until 1982 that they decided to start promoting their brand on television.

The first set of advertisements that did air in that year were fully produced by Wieden + Kennedy, and the very first on TV advertisements for Nike went live during the advertisement break of the New York Marathon.

One thing that did increase Nike brand awareness was they won the Advertiser of the Year Award at the Cannes Advertising Festival in both 1994 and 2003, and that marked something of a major achievement for the company as they are the only company to date who have won that award twice!

Quite unusually for a company, Nike also won an Emmy Award for best commercial twice, the first time they won that award it was for their The Morning After advertisement and the second time they won it the Move advertisement was the one that won them that award!

Due to the time period at which Nike was looking around for new advertising opportunities, they were also one of the very first companies to embrace fully the online internet marketing opportunities in the early to late 1990's.

As such they massively increased their brand awareness and market share during that decade and beyond thanks to their newly gained experienced online, which has stood them in very good stead for their current business strategy and direct, which is also heavily online focussed.

Nike as a whole does invest heavily not only in advertising and promoting their brand to a worldwide audience but they do spend a fortune of research and development too, in regards to all of the many different categories of products.

Whilst some of the different shoes and other accessories that Nike have produced over the years could not be called a huge commercial success there are lots of additional products they have designed and manufactured that have stood the test of time or become an overnight success once launched.

If you are interested in learning more about the very unique product range of Nike, then we cordially invite you to read on for we do cover a range of different categories throughout this guide that we are more than confident you will find of interest.

Be aware that with most things in life, if you are looking to buy any Nike products or any type and category please do shop around and spend some time comparing the prices of their products at both land based bricks and mortar stores and also online.

However, when buying Nike products online please do ensure the website you are buying from is an approved stockist of Nike products, for if you do not make sure those websites are approved stockists you do run the very real risk of buying counterfeit products!

Nike Running Shoes

Nike have long been the go to company for running shoes, however, they aren't only for running in, they are made in such a way they are strong, but agile, so you could quite easily play a couple of sets of tennis or even cycling.

They are ideal for the gym, and thanks to Nike understanding that when we exercise our feet expand, their shoes tend to be slightly stretchy so you won't be tortured by the pinching that some cheaper running shoes cause due to them not stretching.

Although we wouldn't recommend wearing them on a night out, mainly as you'll be denied admission for wearing trainers, most places, such as bars or restaurants will allow you to wear running shoes in before a set time which is usually 8pm, meaning you could finish work on a Friday, and go and have a few drinks and some tapas with your work mates.

Some athletes also swear by Nike running shoes as they bring them luck, we don't know whether there is any truth in there, or whether Nike has a load of fairies delicately hand stitching their shoes with enchanted golden thread, but it does seem that athletes wearing Nike win substantially more often in their sport than the competitors!

As fashion and colour are all a matter of taste, Nike has a pretty generic, unisex type  design for their shoes, and also, they are slowly but surely ditching the Blue for Boys and Pink for Girls mentality, after all, pink has seen a huge resurgence in men's fashion, from Rugby Kits and Football Strips to Dress Shirts by Thomas Pink and Silk Ties by Armani, so whatever your colour scheme is for your work out, or even if you have different colour schemes for each day of the week, you'll find a pair that colour coordinates with the rest of your getup.

We like Nikes ethos also on exercise, and that is, you don't have to be rich to look good while getting sweaty on the treadmill or chasing the kids around the park. The quality has, and always will be high, yet the prices are affordable which is why a lot of teenagers now prefer Nike products compared to others.

Think of it as the Blackberry effect, where every teenager had a Blackberry as they could send text messages to other Blackberry devices for free, thus conserving that much important credit meaning they could buy something else they wanted.

The sizes from Nike are pretty much customizable, starting from size 3 up to a whopping 18! Also the width of the shoe is customizable, so if you have a long but narrow foot you will be able to get a running shoe to fit you comfortably.

Obviously, some of the really obscure sizes, like 18 Extra Wide are custom made to order, so you may have to wait a little longer, but it is more than worth the wait for a pair of stylish and comfortable running shoes that aren't going to cripple you.

If you are a bit of a beach worshipper, but hate finding your taking half of the beach home with you in your shoe, Nike have some great offering, including a collection that come up to just below or on the calf muscle meaning you are much less likely to get a load of sand in your shoes.

Although shoving your running shoes in the washing machine has long been discouraged, Nike have started rolling out machine washable shoes, meaning that you can have a nice and fresh pair of shoes without having to use deodorizers. Always check the care guide that come with your shoes, and be sure to store it somewhere safe to ensure that you have it to hand should you need to check out the instructions.

 If you are a glutton for punishment, and decide you want to do one of those endurance type events like Iron Man or Iron Woman, Nike shoes will always hold their own, they're a little bit like the SAS Soldier of Running Shoes, if takes a hell of a lot to make them give in!

Also, if you're a walking fan and are going away to some exotic location to see the sites of ancient Aztec ruins, breathtaking sunrises or nature watching in the rainforest, be sure to have at least on pair of Nike shoes as these will last you far longer than cheaper alternatives, also you can chuck them in a memory box to remind you of that time you went on a once in a lifetime trip.

If you are only just starting out on getting fit, it can actually pay dividends to buy stuff you actually like, namely as you've paid for it, and you want to get your money's worth  out of it, especially when it comes to things that are branded.

Also with branded products, the company has more disposable cash to invest in creating or improving technologies, such as improving the water resistance or enhancing the interlocking of fabrics to improve the stretch and memory of their garments, they are also continually improving the colour lock technologies in their garments to prevent colour fading and keeping patterns as vibrant as the day you buy them so you could technically get a good 12 months out of a single pair of shoes if you exercise 3 or 4 times a week.

Also, if you have ever broken your foot or ankle, you'll know how horrible it is when the cast comes off and you have to learn to walk again. Nike running shoes are ideal for literally helping you get back on your feet.

As they have a light heel, usually around half an inch, the back of your ankle is supported and has to do a little bit of work thus making it stronger and within a couple of weeks you'll be back to how you were before.

Nike Basketball Shoes

Now you don't have to be some form of Michael Jordan to look good wearing Basketball Shoes. Thanks to the ever evolving fashion world, there are a number of styles that call for Basketball Shoes, from skinny jeans and leather jacket straight through to a trouser suit. Basically, these are very versatile shoes. They offer comfort and support, while at the same time look stylish without making you look like an extra from a Rap music video.

As most of us know, when exercising the most important thing is comfort and support, especially if you're working on the legs. Nikes basketball shoes come in a plethora of sizes and styles, not to mention colours so you'll find the perfect pair for you. The way these shoes differ from many others is the fact the almost feel like a second skin, meaning you'll feel like you're running barefoot.

As these shoes are designed for the basketball court, they have enhanced grip, making them ideal for most surfaces and thanks to the breathable fabric and superior insoles that draw moisture away and lock it in while neutralizing odour, you'll be able to get away with not having to deep clean them every time you go for a run or fancy playing some hoop.

There is something quite magical about finding the perfect pair of shoes, be that the design, the perfect arch and height of the heel, the breathable fabric or simply the colour. When you are wearing a pair of Nikes Basketball shoes, you will be able to feel confident in the knowledge that your feet are in good hands, excuse the pun!

These shoes are rigorously tested, and scientifically lab tested to ensure that you are getting the best product achievable for a price that won't make you cry handing over your credit card.

If you're looking for a complete overhaul of your Basketball attire, Nike quite often do value packs consisting of shorts, vest, shoes and socks to make you really look the part of a serious basketball player.

Be aware when ordering more obscure sizes and widths that they may take a little longer to get to you as they may have to be made to order, and also if you use the Nike ID service to personalize your footwear, you may have to wait up to a week.

These high quality shoes are designed for endurance, and as such will continue to keep going long after you, as with all Nike attire, it is designed to last, after all, there's nothing worse than the sole of your shoe splitting half way through a work out!

If you are buying these as a gift for someone, you will be pleased to know that the returns policy is generous for unworn shoes or shoes that are the wrong size and they will happily replace them with no charge.

As with all decent footwear, you are paying a premium, however, this premium is not for the Tick logo or the name, it is for the superior quality and craftsmanship, not to mention the millions of dollars and thousands of man hours put into designing a shoe that is not only stylish, but also comfortable and hard wearing.

To find out whether these are the shoes for you, check out the reviews on the Nike website, and you will see that there are hundreds of positive reviews.

These shoes are also ideal for most work outs however, if you are a dancer, you may find the traction a little difficult, especially if doing things like ballet, tap or ballroom. That said though, they're perfect for Jazz, Break and Street Dancing.

If ever you feel you need to up your game, you could try the Jordan XXXL which offers superior Air Max technologies making your strides longer, your jumps higher and thanks to the reduced weight, your sprints faster.

The high quality solid rubber sole makes these shoes earthed, meaning you won't be getting static shocks from your kit or from any of the other players! Be sure to try them out as we are sure you'll love simply wearing them as much as you enjoy playing in them.

We have received plenty of comments regarding the Jordan Basketball Shoes, from their humble beginnings right up to the latest incarnation with vastly favourable reviews. So if you want maximum action out of your shoe and your game, be sure to check them out, and thanks to the affordable price tag, you won't have to take a second mortgage out to simply own a pair.

It should be noted that these shoes do not need washing, however, you can take a clean damp cloth to them on the exterior to keep them looking newer and fresher for longer. Nike also provides a comprehensive guide on how to keep your shoes in prime condition for longer, meaning you get far more bang for your buck.

If you are an expectant mother, and are getting the joyous swollen ankles and bad back, these shoes may well be idea for you, they can help with posture thanks to the heel, and as they can be loosened and tightened as and when required, they could well see you not only all the way through your pregnancy, but also long into the terrible twos!

The reason why specialist sporting shoes are ideal for pregnant women is because they are lighter on the feet making it easier to walk, they are designed for comfort as well as practicality, and also if you�re having a winter baby, or are pregnant during the winter, the enhanced grip will prevent you slipping and sliding meaning you will be far less likely to hurt yourself or the baby while out and about doing the usual things like going to work or grabbing groceries.

 Granted, maternity clothing does always seem to represent either a table cloth with arms in it, or a pair of curtains that have been in the attic since 1960, however, Nike also have you covered, although they don't do maternity wear as such, they do have a plus size range which will see you through nearly all of your pregnancy, and with them being designed with the outdoors in mind, they have everything you could want to feel confident while wearing your Nike Basketball shoes.